Telesales is one of the most conventional but effective way of getting in touch with new clients. Mostly the companies decide to focus on their core competencies, optimisation of operational procedures and lowering their costs - and a common consideration is to outsource sales to a professional telemarketing and sales company. 

We can efficiently qualify leads, build database lists, evaluate a concurrency of databases and suggest other effective marketing strategies. At our outbound telemarketing facility, we use the latest in software and technology to provide you with best-of-breed services. 

Maxipower Telesales helps optimise your sales process, reduces sales cycle and create your brand awareness. Below are some of the special features of our Telemarketing and Sales service

  • Dedicated team including a Team Leader, Account Manager, and Project Manager 
  • Real-time reporting
  • Return on investment 

  • Full access to all staff and data at all times 

  • State-of-the-art equipment, technology and software 

  • Sophisticated technical programming, CRM, data warehousing and analysis  

  • Anytime monitoring

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Industry Leading Outsourcing Service

Save Cost - Boast Revenue

Why Outsource Telesales and Marketing to MaxiPower:

Money savings – Avoid the capital expenditures associated with creating, managing and maintaining an in-house call center – i.e. technology, human resources, overhead, etc. The average annual call center outsourcing contract represents only a small percentage of the start-up and expansion costs associated with a state-of-the-art call center. In-house call centers remain more expensive over the long term with constant upgrades of IT systems and a continual churn of call center staff. 

Focus on core competencies – Call center outsourcing frees up valuable time for you and your key employees, making your business more efficient and profitable. 

Enhance the quality of your customer service efforts – Call center outsourcing provides increased business hours, flexible call-handling capacity, no long hold time and few dropped calls, state-of-the-art automation, and superior operational efficiency, including disaster recovery capabilities. 

MaxiPower’s business is to save you money, eliminate your headaches and leave you and your staff free to concentrate on the core aspects of running your business and increasing your revenues. 

To learn more about our  Telemarketing and Sales service, please feel free to contact us. 

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