Client Retention/Restoration

It's much easier and cheaper doing business with existing clients than obtaining new ones, trying to close new deals and nurturing relationships. 

Every business will lose customers over time due to external factors such as financial circumstances or a change in location or requirements, but for those who simply forgot about you or had a negative experience, all is not lost.  MaxiPower’s experienced telesales team can give your clients a courtesy call to discuss the requirements and they ways your organisation still can help and rekindle the relationship. A positive follow up call helps ensure that your clients know that you still think about their requirements and are committed to providing a solution. 

Here’s more about how we help you retain and restore clients: 

Our goal is to help you keep valued clients. Let us do the legwork required to stay in touch and encourage clients to return and continue placing orders with you.

Here is how we do it.

  • We call clients who no longer order through you, or who have reduced their order volumes

  • Offer specials – tailored to each individual 

  • Follow up by email and/or fax with the specials

  • Follow up again after sending the announcements about specials

  • Accept orders over the phone, warm transfer returning clients or set appointments for you 

  • Schedule follow up calls for the future, as appropriate